Dream Journal 😴💕

I had a dream last night. The message from my dream last night was "The true purpose of life is learning how to (just/really) LIVE at this moment." We all have goals, wills, and dreams that we try to achieve or sorrows, anxieties or fears that we try to overcome. I think those things are just tools for us to really make us understand/ remind us why we are having this experiences/ having lives here/now on this planet. In my personal opinion, I do what I love every single day because through the hard/fun trainings and practicing that I do every single day, I improve my skills, but more than that I learn about myself more ( my weakness, egos or strengths etc) which the opening door for me to become a better person and performer, and gain a strength to accept myself 100% who I am, so that I can accept other people/ situations that are happening around me/in the world more and a strength to let the things/ people that don't serve me/ resonate with me any more go ( peacefully detach from them) so I can make more spaces for wonderful things/ people to come into my life to share, and just standing up for myself which is a true acceptance and self love that will guide me to a place where, for me, the true peace and love that I want to share with people through my life/arts. So even though when my life seems so hard or I feel like I'm so tired to keep going, all I can do is really being true to myself/ listen to myself and trying to be focused on the good, I keep being the flow of my life and I just keep going because at the end of the day, how I live every single moment of my life is everything and how much I share my life, love and time with people who I love is everything and how much I laugh with people who I love is everything. That is what I am going to call " my life." I never stop producing my arts and polishing my gifts because that's why I came here to do on this planet but at the same time, I never let my mind controls my mindset that "I'm not happy because I'm not achieving my dreams yet." Life is truly more than that. The most important things are hiding behind the actions that I take to achieve my goals if I really can see that. Literally I felt my dream was like 5 mins, however how much I've got inspirations from it are tons. THANK YOU, MORE PLEASE💋💕 I am very excited to have my dreams tonight. LOVE xoxo  

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